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What is

greenYng is a smart recyling platform that offers a new and more meaningful approach, focused on the citizen and making recycling a more educational, fun, real and rewarding experience

Be sustainable

greenYng is not only a smart recycling solution. It helps you and your environment. greenYng collaborates through donations to solve social issues.

Be smart

Your experience can be smarter. Know at any time what is the correct and more efficient containers for you and the collector. Help to reduce our carbon footprint.

Be mobile

Use greenyng at home, in your office, in your school... Decide when and where. greenYng is always with you.

Be a player

Play with your family and friends. Create teams, leagues,... Recycle and have fun!

Be rewarded

Get "greens" recycling. They can be exchanged with products and services of our partners.

Be influencer

Your actions can motivate other people and initiatives. Share your sucess with others and improve your/our world.

Be efficient

greenYng allows local goverments and waste collectors to monitor the current status of the waste collection network in real time.

Be inspired

Think outside the box, be unconventional. Do things differently and fight to change the world.

Meet baggY
Watch the video how baggY works
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    app for citizens...enjoy recycling...
    With our app, you can recycle, play and get rewards (greens). Live the greenyng
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    app for partners...smart recycling...
    With our app, you can monitor in real time the current status of your waste collection network. Live the greenyng experience.
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